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In its capacity as an industrial pioneer, Solmax is participating in 2023 with TOPTEX® protective nonwovens for which it was awarded the climate protection certificate in 2021 and 2022.

To reduce the environmental impact of agricultural waste, the ERDE’s (Erntekunststoff Recycling Deutschland) take-back and recycling system enables the targeted collection and recycling of waste in the agricultural industry. In this nationwide initiative featuring collection points throughout Germany, manufacturers, farmers and collection point operators alike are all making a joint contribution towards climate protection.  

A pioneer in the industry, TOPTEX’s participation underlines that it is also taking responsibility for more sustainable agriculture in 2023. In recent years, TOPTEX has been awarded the climate protection certificate twice for these achievements as part of the EARTH initiative.

By participating in the EARTH initiative, Solmax is demonstrating its pioneering spirit as it continues to promote the implementation of sustainability in the agriculture industry for a greener environment.

Sebastian Bühren, Market Manager Industrial Fabrics  

TOPTEX: pioneer in the nonwovens section of ERDE  

With its TOPTEX protective nonwovens and voluntary commitment to the cause, SOLMAX is one of the first companies in the ERDE nonwovens contingent to actively promote recycling.   

The high-quality nonwovens from continuous fibers – used to cover straw, beets, compost, wood chips and potatoes – are characterized by a high strength and UV resistance. 

Thanks to the continuous fiber manufacturing process, the nonwovens protect the crops from rain and frost in the most efficient way possible, while at the same time offering unrivaled ventilation for maximum productivity and quality retention.  

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Sebastian Bühren, Market Manager Industrial Fabrics