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In order to achieve maximum stability for the platform of a new container park in Mauritius, TenCate Geosynthetics developed a cost-efficient, time-saving and environmentally friendly solution involving more than 20,000m² of the geocomposite TenCate Rock®. 

The Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT) in the harbor of Port Louis is 560 meters long. It has a dredge depth of 14 meters and a turning circle of 450 meters. To establish a container park with a maximum stacking height on the platform of 7 containers, the use of geosynthetics was proposed for reinforcement and separation. 

TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55: The perfect solution 

TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55 was the best solution for this challenge: This geocomposite consists of continuous filament non-woven, reinforced by high tenacity PET yarns and is available in a wide range of strengths lengthwise and in the transverse direction.

TenCate Rock® optimizes the sub-base and allows a reduction of the 400mm thick sub-base layer to 250mm. 

The platform was stabilized effectively, using more than 20,000 m² of TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55. 3,000 m³ of subbase material could be saved as a result of using the geocomposite. This equals 38% of the initial volume. At the same time, the project could be realized faster, thus both saving time and money. With a transport load of 300 trucks less than that for conventional constructions, the project also featured a minimized environmental impact. 

By using geocomposite TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55, we were able to accelerate the execution of the project and therefore save money and time for our customer.

Benoit De Susanne, Export Sales Manager – Southern and Eastern Africa Middle East

5 layers for maximum stability  

Under the 100mm thick layer of paving bricks, a 200mm thick crusher run layer compacted to 95% dry density was applied. Below this comes a TenCate Bidim® non-woven geotextile which separates the base from the sub-base layers, prevents contamination and reduces the use of granular material. Next comes a 250 mm sub-base layer, and below this the geocomposite TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55 follows for separation and reinforcement. 

TenCate Rock® PEC 55-55 assures the separation of the new granular layer from the compacted ground below, consisting of a fine clay material. This construction protects the sub-base layer against contamination thus making sure its mechanical properties remain intact. A reinforcement layer equally distributes the loads and allows optimization of the granular sub-base layer. 

The benefits of TenCate Rock® at a glance

  • Economic design due to the low creep 
  • Excellent soil-geotextile interaction 
  • Fast decline of excess pore-water pressure due to in-plane permeability 
  • Filter-stable separation of soil layers 
  • Easy installation in one operation 

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Benoit De Susanne, Export Sales Manager – Southern and Eastern Africa Middle East