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Professional and environmentally-friendly design of garden and public green spaces using TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop products: The nonwovens are easy to use. They allow weed control and curb the growth of invasive plants on all types of ground.

TenCate Bidim® for a high-quality outdoor living space

Gardens and green spaces play an increasingly significant role as recreation areas and oases of relaxation in urban areas. Green zones enhance our well-being, serve as retreats and create precious habitats for insects. With its TenCate Bidim® product range, TenCate Geosynthetics combines natural solutions and effective weed control for gardens and green spaces.

Insect friendly garden with TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop

TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop S and TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop Pro enable weed control without resorting to chemicals. The weed fleeces are easy to install, water and air permeable and create an environmentally friendly barrier against weeds and the spread of roots. TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop Pro boasts an exceptionally high puncture resistance and is the strongest fleece available for weed control, with a lifetime of up to 25 years.

TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop offers functional solutions for a natural outdoor living space.

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA

Flexible in use for all ground types

The fleeces under the brand of TenCate Bidim® can be used on all different kinds of ground, e.g. soil, sand, gravel, mulch, stones, paving or grass. The products can also be used for terraces, swimming pools and slopes, as well as any green areas in public spaces, e.g. parks, roads and pavements, sports or leisure grounds, railways and embankments. 

The specifications of TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop at a glance 

The weed control nonwovens from the TenCate Bidim® product range feature a unique combination of outstanding properties for optimal functionality: 

  • robust and puncture resistant 
  • no fringing due to the unique filament process of TenCate Geosynthetics 
  • permeable to water 
  • permeable to air 
  • non-permeable to light for the purpose of weed growth control

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Content provided by:
Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA