Green areas in cities became of first importance. Chemical-free and low maintenance solutions such as TenCate Bidim® Outdoor Solutions support professionals and individuals in their landscaping and small infrastructure projects.

Sustainable landscaping

In an increasing number of countries throughout Europe, governments are currently committing themselves to the protection of our climate, promoting the development of green areas in major cities and striving to improve the quality of life through policy measures such as the phasing out of phytosanitary products. 

The growing trend towards climate protection requires nature-based solutions to realize landscaping projects in a sustainable manner. Efficient design possibilities, which can be easily implemented, are increasingly in demand in private gardening and home construction as well as in the creation of public “green infrastructures” in urban areas.

TenCate Geosynthetics House and Gardening

Landscaping around homes needs to be well thought out!

Our brands offer comprehensively designed solutions which are also effective in the long-term in order to solve problems in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way: Professional products for residential end users, landscapers and small craftsmen.

At the same time, there is a trend towards professional landscaping in private housebuilding and gardening and in the design of public green spaces. This aims at long-term effective protection against the high or recurring costs of erosion, water damage and uncontrolled growth.

Landscaping around homes needs to be well thought out: Unstable soil conditions result in water runoff, puddles and ruts on pathways, in driveways and parking lots. Weeds and roots spread in an uncontrolled fashion destroying landscaped gardens, pathways and driveways.

Simple, ecological and effective solutions also for public spaces

TenCate Geosynthetics offer products to master all of these challenges. Not only do these meet the technical requirements, but they are also environmentally compatible and used to achieve landscaping solutions of sustained value. The product range is suitable for eco-friendly landscaping around houses and homes (driveways, wooden terraces, gardens) and for public infrastructure as a whole, such as parks and public gardens, roads, roundabouts, railway and forest roads.

TenCate House and Garden solutions in detail

The weed control fabrics from TenCate Geosynthetics provide simple, ecological and effective solutions for local weed control in private gardens and public spaces. As opposed to chemical or thermal treatments, these textiles are safe to use and consume less energy. In addition, using the fabrics is less burdensome than weeding by hand. The fabrics contain the spread of weeds and are highly permeable to water, so that they support the growth of your plants.

TenCate Gesosynthetics for house and gardening projects act as preventive solutions when it comes to root control: The root barriers inhibit the proliferation of invasive plants and are suitable as natural remedies for the protection of cycle and pedestrian paths, plant beds, gardens, green areas, paved surfaces and tarmac.

Effective solutions for House and Gardening projects

With our effective and easy to handle TenCate House and Garden products, we facilitate the sustainable implementation of house and gardening projects and public infrastructure projects.

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Content provided by:
Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Woven EMEA