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When restructuring the driveway to a detached house, TenCate Geosynthetics combined the advantages of the products, Weed Stop S and Accorder®, of the Bidim® brand. This specific solution provides optimal weed growth control and stability. 

In order to professionally renovate the entrance to a single-family house in France, which was overgrown with weeds, a local craftsman approached TenCate Geosynthetics. The parking space and the driveway were both to be restructured and stabilized at the request of the new house owner. The objective of the renovation was a practical, maintenance-free driveway with the elegant appearance of gravel.

By applying a powerful combination of the products, Weed Stop S and Accorder®, from the Bidim® range, we were able to deliver an easy, quickly installable and economical solution.

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA

Limited weed growth and stability

The TenCate Geosynthetics team worked out an efficient solution which would curb weed growth yet stabilize the new driveway. The outcome was an effective combination of the products, TenCate Weed Stop S and TenCate Accorder®, under the brand of Bidim®, which stands for high-quality non-wovens for house and gardening projects.

The first step consisted of removing 8 cm of the existing flooring. Then Weed Stop S was installed to restrict weed growth, and finally the workers unfolded TenCate Accorder® and filled in the gravel.

The structure of TenCate Weed Stop S restricts the growth of vegetation while allowing rainwater to infiltrate the soil thus allowing a sustainable, ecological and maintenance-free solution.

For an aesthetic and permanently powerful result, Weed Stop S and TenCate Accorder® were installed on a surface area of 60 sqm.

With its three-dimensional, permeable structure TenCate Accorder® helps create a firm gravel surface, enabling heavy vehicle use in a much more durable way than loose lay. At the same time, it improves drainage, as its structure allows rainwater to circulate both horizontally and vertically. This helps prevent the formation of puddles or localized flooding that can occur during heavy rainfall.

TenCate Accorder® offers a high tensile strength, minimizing gravel migration and rutting and is also suitable for the passage of wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, motorbikes or stiletto heels.

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Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA