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The combination of three companies and their products made it necessary to rethink and revamp the brand management.

Together we make infrastructure better

The new slogan “Let’s build infrastructure better” stands for the future of Solmax and its customers. The slogan aims to empower the industry and contribute to a shared strength. Currently, so very critical for our planet, we will continue to challenge conventions and develop new solutions. If we want to make the world a better place, let’s start with the infrastructure and make it the very best we can. Let’s replace traditional materials such as gravel, steel, and concrete with geosynthetics, which are proven to be more resilient and less harmful to the environment.

We are the world’s leading supplier of geosynthetics and as such every sustainable product encapsulates decades of experience.

Jan-Willem Heezen, Managing Director EMEA

Brand Identity

Solmax is a pioneer in its field and an established leader when it comes to sustainable infrastructures. As the companies merged, it became vital to generate clear and simple messages in marketing to ensure the attention of our target audiences. Solmax’s new “corporate brand identity” faces this challenge head-on and gives tried and tested products a new brand identity.

The joint brand portfolio does justice to all the familiar products and regions of the companies who have now joined arms. It is a collection of familiar names from the product ranges of all three companies. Each brand stands for one category and represents a unifying approach which embraces all regions.

New brand structure for proven products

In the new brand hierarchy, the Solmax brand presents the company as a provider of solutions for sustainable infrastructures. The “green” in the logo stands for life and progress since these themes are closely linked to sustainable infrastructures such as those provided by Solmax. The central graphic element in green of the new brand identity represents the “lifelines”.

We believe that the lines in the Solmax symbol represent the lifelines of resilient infrastructures. It’s a dynamic motif that sweeps upwards to express energy, continuous improvement, and optimism.

Jürgen Gruber, Marketing Director EMEA

The products are categorized according to their use or technology: all membrane products are grouped under the GSE® brand, all the geotextiles are united under the MIRAFI® brand name. FABRINET® designates all of the drainage products, GEOTUBE® stands for innovative marine protections and environmental remediations, BENTOLINER® all of the GCLs and MIRAGRID® stands for all of the geogrid solutions including asphalt reinforcements and PROPEX® for erosion control.

Branding becomes visible

In the months to come, the company’s new branding will become visible at all customer touchpoints: site and building branding, signage, email signatures, fairs and events, etc.