Solmax is proud to announce the launch of their new Environmental Sustainability Policy. The principles and guidelines set out in this policy will allow the company to achieve their goal of being the most socially and environmentally sustainable geosynthetics manufacturer.  

The policy sets out clear principles and guidelines to improve Solmax’s sustainability performance while allowing Solmax to proactively manage its environmental impact and sustainability across all 19 Solmax production facilities and offices across the globe.  

Independent analysis of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials demonstrates that the use of geosynthetics can lower the total environmental footprint of a given project by approximately 75% when considering the total lifecycle from cradle-to-grave:

“As Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions for civil and environmental infrastructure, we believe it is our duty to ensure that our solutions are manufactured in the most sustainable manner possible.” 

Jean-Louis Vangeluwe, CEO at Solmax

Vangeluwe continued to say, “Solmax products can be used to actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Following extensive baselining activities, we are working with individual departments across the company, as well as other stakeholders, to deliver specific targets and objectives that will bring this policy to life and demonstrate how our whole company – not just our products – can make a positive contribution to these goals, in line with our overarching aim to make the world a better place – today and tomorrow.”