The small and tranquil resort town of Rechlin in the Mecklenburg Lake District in Germany is well known in the world of geosynthetics. For 30 years the Rechlin plant has supplied millions of square meters of geomembranes, geosynthetic drainage mats and clay liners as well as multiple kilometers of profiles and spools of welding wire. The products manufactured in Rechlin are used around the world to protect our environment and perform typical geotechnical tasks such as sealing, draining and protecting.  

30 years of Rechlin: The history

The Solmax site in Rechlin can look back on an eventful past.

It all began 30 years ago when the management of, at that time, SLT Schlegel Lining Technology made the executive decision to abandon its production facility in Hamburg and develop a new site in the existing naval and lifeboat yard in Rechlin.

„Rechlin was the perfect choice of location for the planned production expansion with qualified and motivated employees on site“, Sven Krahberg, Commercial Director Solmax Germany, elaborates.

From 1995 onwards, there were again changes due to takeovers: SLT and Gundle merged and became GSE Environmental. At the end of 2017, GSE Environmental was acquired by the Montreal-based Solmax Group.

 „An eventful history with many innovations, exciting projects and a never-ending supply of new and interesting tasks,” Sven Krahberg recounts.

Today, Solmax’s Rechlin plant supplies geosynthetics for projects all over the world. “Rechlin stands for the highest quality and is known as such worldwide,” Sven Krahberg is convinced.

Celebration for everyone

On May 19, the Solmax site in Rechlin launched a party to celebrate the successes of the past 30 years with all of its employees and family members. More than 100 guests flocked to the site in response to the invitation from the production manager, Nick Meyer. The evening featured a program suitable for both the young and the old making the celebration an experience for everyone who attended. The highlight of the evening was the planting of 30 different fruit trees on the company grounds by employees and management.

„This act symbolizes the steady growth of Solmax”, Nick Meyer, Operation Manager Solmax Germany, explains.