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More and more customers share the experiences they had when applying TenCate Geosynthetics´ innovative solutions in practice. These testimonials provide precious information for prospective buyers and give an insight into successfully completed projects.

Customer satisfaction has top priority for TenCate Geosynthetics. Thus our customers are our best ambassadors. With their reference messages – also called testimonials – about our products and solutions, long-term customers report on the successful use of our products and the solutions we offer them for their own projects. These recommendations from customers are clear confirmation of our customer understanding: We consider ourselves to be problem solvers and offer overall systems and solutions instead of single products.

The products, TenCate Miragrid® and TenCate Polyslope®, are exemplary solutions which have proven especially successful in practical applications for our customers. 

TenCate Miragrid®: Safe solution for soil reinforcement 

TenCate Miragrid® is a safe and quick solution for ground reinforcement. The geogrids are applied to reinforce the soil when constructing retaining walls and steepened slopes as well as to stabilize substrates. 

Depending on the requirements of every single project, TenCate Miragrid® is available in a uniaxial or biaxial structure and can be used in supporting structures with overall heights of up to 20 meters.

„Our customers benefit from our rich experience, the know-how of TenCate engineers and their customer support. Besides, TenCate Miragrid® GX is very persuasive thanks to its technically relevant short-term and long-term properties, its compound structure versatility and the fact that it allows for easy and economic installation.” 

Klaus Köning, Executive Director Köning-Bewehrte-Erde GmbH, Coesfeld (Germany) 

Innovative system for steep slopes: TenCate Polyslope® 

TenCate Polyslope® is an innovative system for greening steep slopes and meets with full approval from our customers. It is suitable for planting geotextile-reinforced earth support structures with an inclination of up to 70 degrees and a construction height ranging between 1.20 and 20 meters.  

The eco-friendly system consists of four components and is easy to install. It is used as a near-natural, visually appealing alternative to conventional support structures and slope stabilizations in infrastructure projects and garden landscaping projects. TenCate Polyslope® is also suitable for bridge ramps and bridge abutments, noise protection barriers and barriers against avalanches and falling rocks. 

„For me, 
the TenCate Polyslope® system
 is a visually appealing and simple solution for my garden design.” 

Klaus Kern, building contractor Eggendorf (Austria) 

Content provided by:
Daniel Angerer, Product Manager TenCate Geosynthetics EMEA 

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