A dry food market project in Istanbul, which spans an impressive area of 127,000 m² (416,670 ft2), needed to find a solution for creating an aesthetically appealing, water-conscious grass alternative for slopes and lawns. The challenge was to find a product that could seamlessly blend with the surrounding ecosystem.

Rising temperatures and droughts pose challenges for urban and building planners due to climate change. The additional burden of increased costs for watering public green spaces also needs to be addressed.
Solmax supplied MIRAFI® Robulon PE 1000 Green PE Green for the project.


The dry food market required a durable solution for creating an attractive lawn alternative that could cover a large steep slope area of 127,000 m² (416,670 ft²). As well as seamlessly blending with the surrounding ecosystem, it was also essential that the solution required minimal maintenance, had a long lifespan, and did not require irrigation.

MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green provided the ideal solution for this project. MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green is a geosynthetic material that provides an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting alternative to organic lawns. It is designed to closely mimic the appearance of natural grass, ensuring that there is no color difference between the product and the surrounding ecosystem, meeting the specific request of the contractor.

Professional mountaineers were employed to safely carry out the installation work on the steep slopes. MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green consists of green loops that create a durable natural appearance.


The contractor was highly satisfied with the performance of the MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green for the project.

One of the key advantages of MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green is that it does not require irrigation. Moreover, the open structure of the MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green allows for natural vegetation to grow through the material.

MIRAFI Robulon PE 1000 Green proved to be a successful solution for the Dry Food Market, providing a visually appealing alternative to traditional lawn systems.