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In a display of unity, these two key players are combatting the dynamism of EMEA-markets with an unparalleled “One-Stop-Shop” offer and backing this up with an outstanding local market presence and profound market knowledge. 

One-Stop-Shop package with an added value to boot

As one, TenCate Geosynthetics and Solmax are offering their customers a comprehensive offer much like a „One-Stop-Shop“. The extended offer comprises the overall product range of geobuilding materials such as nonwovens, fabrics, membranes and geogrids through to installation services and technical support.

We offer complete solutions. We have the tools to solve any problems in the field of environmental protection and civil infrastructure.

Jürgen Gruber, Director Marketing EMEA at Solmax

Specific solutions, which harbor an amazing flexibility, range from small to medium, to extensive projects in the infrastructure area. Different sectors of industry such as the transport, waste and water management sectors and the energy industry and mining can all be supported in this way. Thus the enlarged team of Solmax has become a key partner for complex customer requirements.

We speak the same language as our customers! We adapt our solutions to meet specific regional needs and requirements. The combined strengths in different market segments and our market presence make us an invincible force in the market.

Nicolas Laidié, Director Sales Civil Infrastructure EMEA at Solmax

Cultural diversity and a strong network bolster the EMEA-Region

In a manner of speaking, the EMEA-Region is a “special” case when it comes to the economic standards, different climatic conditions, cultural differences in the way of doing business and language variety, so merging the two companies clearly creates competitive advantages. The wider team comprises experienced employees with different nationalities, cultures and languages. It has a market presence in numerous locations in the EMEA-area and is thus well acquainted with the market and country-specific circumstances.

Pooled innovative strength and sustainability have top priority

The pooling of the expertise of both companies releases an enormous potential for innovations in all corporate divisions – from production, to logistics through to marketing. The set goal is to further extend the innovative strength which reinforces our market position.

The newly created EMEA organizational unit wishes to continue to promote sustainability and in particular the use of alternative energies. In one of the very first joint projects, the enormous potential of using geotextiles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the heat sector was effectively put to the test.

Armed with an extended network of fitters and distribution partners, the new and bigger team in the EMEA region is looking forward to realizing many more holistic solutions for customers’ projects in the future – with an ongoing focus on sustainability.

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Content provided by:
Nicolas Laidié, Director Sales Civil Infrastructure EMEA at Solmax
Jürgen Gruber, Director Marketing EMEA at Solmax