Gilbert Smigielski joined the Solmax team in May 2023. In this interview, he talks about the role of the geosynthetics industry and society’s growing awareness of sustainability. 

Gilbert Smigielski is a graduate of the geosciences program at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg and has gained professional experience as a sales engineer and engineering geologist. He joined the Solmax team in Germany in May 2023.  

Interview with Gilbert Smigielski 

With innovative solutions in the field of renewable energies, Solmax combines expertise with a wealth of experience that is growing every day and provides forward-looking solutions for a more sustainable development of our society.

Gilbert Smigielski, Sales Engineer Renewable Energies

What responsibilities and main tasks characterize your new position as Sales Engineer for Renewable Energies at Solmax?  

Our team deals with the forward-looking topic of renewable energies, in particular with system solutions for sealing underground heat storage tanks for long-term storage of large amounts of thermal energy. We also work continuously on optimizing existing products and applications with the aim of further increasing their efficiency and useful life. We monitor current market developments and drive innovation to develop environmentally friendly solutions.

To what extent have your previous professional stations prepared you for your current job at Solmax?  

As a geoscientist, I have gained specialist application knowledge through my work in engineering companies and have been continuously and intensively involved with the geosynthetics industry for more than five years. I now bring this expertise to my exciting new position at Solmax. 

Why did you choose Solmax as your new employer?  

Through my work in the Solmax team, I would like to actively contribute to strengthening the importance of renewable energies in society. I recognize this responsibility for myself in my life and pay attention to my personal carbon footprint. Now I also have the opportunity in my work environment to contribute to solutions that have a positive impact on the development of our world. Especially for the segment of ground source heat storage as a cost-efficient and CO2-reducing technology, I see an enormous potential due to the rising energy prices and the increasing environmental awareness.   

What do you value most about your work?  

In addition to the high value of our work for society, I am excited by the opportunity to work on new ways to solve previously unsolved problems. For me, this is a stimulating component that brings out a high level of creativity in my work. At the same time, I gain new experience every day and, conversely, I can pass on my own expertise as a geoscientist to others and explain significant relationships in a well-founded manner.  

What challenges do you expect in your new position?  

The demand in the market is growing, so we strive to adapt quickly and thus actively shape the market. Another challenge is to help promote awareness of sustainability and have a positive impact on decision-makers. My personal goal is that society will benefit from our promising developments in the geosynthetics industry for decades to come.

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Gilbert Smigielski, Sales Engineer Renewable Energies