Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro offers a 100% biodegradable solution. The fiber made of hemp and linen is certified for organic agriculture and suitable for public green spaces, home and garden projects.

As the trend towards organic gardening continues to grow, green spaces, especially in urban areas, offer important opportunities for recreation providing some balance to the stresses of everyday life. 

Common methods of weed control are, however, neither very sustainable nor climate-friendly: thermal weeding proves to be risky in warm and dry conditions and also consumes fossil energy whereas removing weeds by hand is costly and only feasible for small areas. In any case, the use of chemical weed killers is prohibited by law in most European countries.

As a biodegradable quality product made from environmentally friendly ingredients, Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro is an important step in the right direction in terms of sustainability.

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Woven EMEA

Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro: Climate-friendly alternative

In response to high demand, the product portfolio has been expanded to include Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro, a biodegradable product made from natural fibers for weed control.

The top layer of the new fiber from the Bidim® range is made of 100% hemp and linen and dissolves by itself in the soil after 24 months. This makes it perfect for newly planted areas: After the period of effectiveness of two years, the vegetation has progressed so far that no more troublesome weeds penetrate.


Bio-compostable and certified for organic farming

The bottom layer consists of a PLA (polylactide) structure made of biodegradable and non-GMO corn starch. The fiber is produced by hydrolysis, so no adhesives are used.

The composition of Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro meets specific market demand for a biodegradable weed control product with regard to several criteria:

  • 100% biobased (according to the EN 16785-1 standard)
  • 100% biodegradable
  • bio-compostable (according to the EN 13432 standard)
  • certified for organic farming according to Ecocert standard
  • ph-neutral

Versatile application for safe protection and prevention

Thanks to its excellent product properties, Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro represents an ideal solution for organic farming, the landscaping of public green spaces and home and garden projects. As a professional weed deterrent, the nonwovens are the choice for trees and hedges, perennial crops in agriculture, as well as organic gardening and the organic cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

The advantages of Bidim® Bio Weed Stop Pro as a pioneering product at a glance:

  • highly effective against unwanted vegetation
  • UV-impermeable offering a strong coverage
  • The reduction of water demand: reduces evaporation, retains moisture
  • water-permeable
  • thermal protection as a result of attenuating temperature change

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Content provided by:
Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA