Since November 2021, TenCate Geosynthetics’ House & Garden segment has featured a new look. The brand has been streamlined and the marketing material design has become more modern and end-user oriented. A relaunch of all of the marketing materials under the brand name of TenCate Bidim® Outdoor Solutions bestows a new look and feel on the product range.

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Modern and trendy

The concept for the promotional materials has been specially designed with professionals or private users in mind. In the garden area, TenCate Bidim® Outdoor Solutions are green, trendy and personal. Nothing stands in the way of a feel-good oasis. All of the products have been grouped together and presented under the claim “Outdoor Solutions”. A homepage ( rounds up the concept. Further advertising activities for the wholesaler trade will follow by the end of the year.

The marketing relaunch of the outdoor solutions sector is a logical step to visualize the trend of sustainability. From now on it is visible – TenCate Bidim® Outdoor Solutions stand for high quality products for garden design”.

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA

Trend towards professional natural landscaping

With its marketing relaunch in the House & Garden segment, TenCate Geosynthetics is promoting products that, on the one hand, take into account increasing climate protection measures on the part of politicians – such as the ban on chemical pesticides in many European countries – and, on the other hand, the trend towards professional landscape design in both private and public spaces.

In its “outdoor solutions”, as the relaunched segment is now named, TenCate Geosynthetics offers professional, long-term effective and well-thought-out product solutions for private home and garden owners, landscape planners and small craft businesses.

TenCate Bidim®:  product groups for outdoor solutions

The product range consists of five different areas:  Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4 nonwoven products are suitable for delineating between soil and gravel and for drainage and filtration in driveways and access roads. The Green 8 product is one of the first products for driveways and access roads and is in particularly high demand.  Weed Stop S and Weed Stop Pro nonwovens are used for local weed control in private gardens and public areas, respectively. Efficient root control is achieved with the barrier Bamboo Stop Pro, as a preventive solution against invasive plants. The root barrier is used under footpaths, paved surfaces and asphalt, as well as in plant beds and gardens.

Gravel and aggregate stabilization are made possible with Accorder, a product that offers unique functionality in the outdoor solutions market, with a flexible structure and continuous material between the walls and the cellular base. Accorder can be used to stabilize driveways and access roads, patios, parking lots, garage entrances and gardens.

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Content provided by:
Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA