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With TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green erosion control mats, TenCate Geosynthetics provided an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative for green slopes around a wholesale bazaar in Turkey. 

Innovation for green slopes without the need for irrigation  

Constantly rising temperatures and increasing droughts present urban and building planners with ever greater challenges in times of climate change. Especially in the summer months, the economical use of water is necessary in many European countries to prevent drinking water shortages. Moreover, the increased costs incurred to water green spaces in public areas constitute an additional burden which must be counteracted.  

With TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green, we offer an innovative and cost-effective, maintenance-free and durable application for natural-looking greenery that meets the current and future needs of our customers.

Serhan Akin, Area Sales Manager Turkey 

Long-term cost-effective and maintenance-free “greening”  

For example, during the construction of one of the largest and most modern wholesale bazaars in Europe in Istanbul, an alternative solution to a cost-intensive natural grass system was sought. The installation and total costs for the bazaar covering an area of approximately 127,000 m2 would have been uneconomically high – including lawn maintenance and water consumption. Hence the decision was made to design the green areas away from the walkways in an innovative, more cost-effective way.  

TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green: High-strength erosion control mat

The bazaar owner’s highest priority was an easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for the 26,500 m2 of grass on the slopes. TenCate Geosynthetics was able to provide an ideal alternative in the form of lightweight, green TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green erosion control mats. 

Professional mountaineers were employed to safely carry out the installation work on the steep slopes. TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green consists of green loops that create a durable natural appearance. The open structure of the base textile prevents the top soil from eroding and enables plant growth at the same time.  

Contemporary alternative to conventional turf systems  

An environmentally friendly and dry landscape application, the product requires no irrigation or lawn care. As a durable, cost-effective and maintenance-free application, TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE Green is ideal as a contemporary alternative to conventional turf systems.  

The contractor was very pleased with the performance of the product, which does not, as a whole, vary in color, making it highly aesthetically pleasing. It also blends seamlessly into the environment.  

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Serhan Akin, Area Sales Manager Turkey