Because the landfill is growing rapidly, it is running out of space. Further expansions required highly technical solutions, and geosynthetics play a vital role in the safe design and containment of seepage from the waste.

In 2021, construction commenced on a new landfill bordering the existing one. With little available ground to expand on, an artificial basin was built on the border of the existing landfill. The basin had a capacity for 4.1 million m3 (145 million ft3) of garbage. This landfill will be used for several decades to come.

The Fili Landfill has reached capacity and expansion is critical. With proven geosynthetic solutions used in some of the biggest landfills in the world – as well as the ability to consistently deliver high-quality products on time, Solmax was our first choice for this project.

Elektra Tsaka, – at  P Tsakas  Limited


The proposed Solmax solution met the client’s key requirements—it offered the right quality and price and provided an end-to-end solution.

To line and cover the landfill, the following materials were supplied:

  1. 60,000 m2 (+646,000 ft2) of FabriNet® drainage geocomposite
  2. 51,000 m2 (549,000 ft2) of double-sided textured FrictionFlex® geomembrane from Solmax’s plant in Germany
  3. 95,000 m2 (1 million ft2) of FrictionFlex® from Solmax’s plant in Egypt

By combining delivery from the two plants, Tsakas was able to guarantee the timeous delivery of large amounts of material for the project.

The materials met with stringent specifications to ensure they perform well and provide safe containment of waste.

  1. FrictionFlex® is a double-sided textured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane. It is used in applications that require increased frictional resistance, excellent chemical resistance and endurance properties
  2. FabriNet® will ensure adequate drainage. This is a multilayer, multifunctional geocomposite that provides high durability for drainage, filtration, and protection

The Fili extension is an important project and our geosynthetics will go a long way to ensure waste is safely contained and the environment and community are protected. We have worked on several projects with Tsakas over the years and look forward to working with them on many more in the future.

Allan Jackson, Sales Director Solmax EMEA