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The production facility in Egypt in 6th of October City, near to Cairo, specializes in geomembranes for a wide range of applications and supplies solutions to the entire EMEA region with a strong focus on African countries.

Climate change is impacting Africa heavily and presenting it with an increasing number of challenges. One of the greatest problems affecting the environment is the shortage of water.  

Geosynthetics from Solmax are part of the solution to protect the environment and to save water resources. GSE® geomembranes prevent the water in reservoirs from leaking or evaporating and help to keep more water stored safely. This means easier access to drinking water in the region and saves on reliable sources for irrigation.  

In this way Solmax is contributing to local communities by providing solutions that both improve well-being and promote sustainable agriculture. Using GSE® geomembranes water can be managed and regions suffering from a water shortage can prepare more efficiently for the environmental challenges ahead. 

Given its close proximity to its clients and markets, the Solmax team can respond to customer requirements quickly and with flexibility. All customers and markets can be reached within 4 weeks of shipment time.

Ayman Mohamed, Plant Manager Egypt

Top supplier to mining industry 

The Solmax plant in Egypt supplies the top ten of the biggest mining companies operating in Africa with products used primarily in sewers and canal linings. Other important areas of application include the energy industry, infrastructure construction, agriculture and waste management. The geomembranes satisfy a wide range of specifications and legal requirements and cover a variety of different applications.  

State of the art 

The Solmax site, 6th of October City, in Egypt manufactures geomembranes made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and LDPE (low density polyethylene). Recent investments in the production facilities have greatly enhanced the production and service standards for customers. 

The site in Egypt is one of five Solmax production facilities in the EMEA region, along with Linz (Austria), Bezons (France), Rechlin (Germany) and Hengelo (Netherlands). 

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Ayman Mohamed, Plant Manager Egypt