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For the long-term resistant construction of driveways, terraces and footpaths, using geotextiles is a must. The continuous filament nonwovens of the TenCate Bidim® brand from TenCate Geosynthetics, a Solmax Company, safely withstand even very heavy loads.

Preventive protection to ensure the long-lasting functionality of paths

Without the use of geotextiles, access roads, garden paths and terraces would not stay permanently safe: the soil mixes with the surrounding aggregate, the gravel and sand applied percolate increasingly and, infiltration and damming occur. In the worst case, the paths created may even disappear after a couple of years and then have to be completely renewed.

„With our effective and easy-to-use products, we simplify the sustainable realization of garden projects and infrastructure projects.”  

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA 

Unique technology – made with hydroentanglement

The continuous filament nonwovens TenCate Bidim® Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4 from TenCate Geosynthetics, a Solmax Company, nip all of these problems in the bud: the geotextiles ensure optimal drainage and soil stabilization in landscaping. The nonwovens are manufactured by mechanical stabilization using the water jet method, then dried and stretched to their final width.


This innovative and permanently controlled process produces excellent product properties such as robustness, optimal load capacity right after installation, a high water permeability and increased UV stability. The nonwovens have a durability of around 100 years. They do not fray and thus leave no particles in the soil.


Flexible and safe solution for individual garden design 

TenCate Bidim® Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4 combine separation, filtration, drainage and protection properties and offer an ideal combination of safety and functionality for long-term stable garden paths, driveways and patios: 

  • Prevention of soil mixing with aggregate or gravel 
  • Strong filter capacity 
  • Optimized drainage function 


The fields of application for TenCate Bidim® Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4 

The three product types differ in their tensile strength and can be used optimally depending on the target function: 

  • TenCate Bidim® One 4: for footpaths and terraces without wobbly stones 
  • TenCate Bidim® Green 8: strong separation function and filter capacity for stabilized subsoil on paths and access roads designed for light vehicles. 
  • TenCate Bidim® Flash 10: Drainage and stabilization for landscaping, terraces and garden paths as well as access roads for heavy traffic.


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Content provided by:
Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA