When reconstructing a road in West Africa with a specifically designed application using TenCate Bidim®
PGL-G 100/100, TenCate Geosynthetics provided a viable long-term solution and helped the contractor out 
with technical on-site support.

Reflective cracking of roads is a very common issue in African countries as a result of the climate. Therefore, local authorities are challenged to find long-lasting solutions for road repair. When a newly built road connecting villages in West Africa started to crack, the contracting company approached TenCate Geosynthetics to help them find a long-term solution for the rehabilitation.

“In collaboration with the contractor, we were able to develop a viable solution and deliver on-site technical support with regard to the installation, which is crucial for the durability of the road.”

Ricardo Sánchez Pérez, Export Manager West & Central Africa

Individual long-term solution and technical support

In order to reinforce the layer structure, increase the lifetime of the road and prevent future damage, TenCate Geosynthetics proposed a specifically designed application of TenCate Bidim® PGL-G 100/100 to repair a cracked section of the road with a length of 500 meters.

TenCate engineers travelled to the construction site in West Africa and provided technical support during installation. In cooperation with the local distributor, TenCate Geosynthetics was able to realize a durable and sustainable solution and pass on important technical knowhow about the use of high-quality geosynthetics for the improvement of road pavement. 

TenCate Bidim® PGL-G 100/100 is a high-strength, asphalt interlayer reinforcement made from glass fibre yarns, supported by a lightweight non-woven serving as installation aid.

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TenCate Geosynthetics offers the digital Paving Product Selector for the professional selection of asphalt pavement interlayer products for maintenance work. Based on four simple questions, this online tool proposes the optimum technical solution for sustainable renovations on the TenCate Website (www.tencategeo.eu).

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Content provided by:
Ricardo Sánchez Pérez, Export Manager West & Central Africa