A blasted hill was covered with an optimized application of the product TenCate Geolon® Robulon Green. TenCate Geosynthetics teams located in Turkey, the Netherlands and Austria worked together on a virtual basis due to the COVID situation.

Tailored product with optimized specifications

In order to give a blasted hill at the Seaport of Filyos on the Black Sea a more natural and green appearance, TenCate Geosynthetics worked out an individually tailored solution that blends in harmoniously with the landscape.

TenCate Geolon® Robulon Green was selected for the covering, but first the product had to be adapted to the project requirements.

Cooperating only virtually, staff members of TenCate Geosynthetics located in Turkey, the Netherlands and Austria made a joint effort to develop the product specifications on the basis of video visuals and pictures. A mere three weeks after landing the order, the optimized product has already been manufactured and transported to Turkey.

The installation of the product was realized in difficult conditions and required precise technical know-how as well as the support of professional mountaineers. Faced with an almost vertical slope with a height of 140 meters at the top and a very rough surface, the material of the roll had to be carried all the way upwards to the top, starting from the bottom of the hill.

Due to the enormous time pressure, 140,000 square meters of the product were installed within 80 days.

Our teams from Turkey, the Netherlands and Austria created excellent design visuals in a joint effort of virtual cooperation. The results were so good that the natural look is hardly distinguishable from the artificial covering of the hill.

Serhan Akin, Area Sales Manager for Turkey

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The mountaineers drilled holes into the solid rock, inserted galvanized rebars and fixed them with epoxy. They then attached the product by punching it, tightened it up with nuts and stretched the galvanized steel wires to keep the green textile in place.

The complex project was successfully finished at the end of October 2020, within the given timeframe. Due to the excellent cooperation, TenCate Geosynthetics was able to create a natural appearance corresponding to the customer´s demands.

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Serhan Akin, Sales Manager Turkey