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In addition to GSE plastic geomembranes and the FABRINET plastic drainage elements, Solmax has been offering BENTOLINER®geosynthetic clay liners for waterproofing solutions for discerning customers for decades. These products are now recognized as suitable (LAGA suitability assessment) especially for use in Class I landfills and in Class II landfills in combination with plastic geomembranes. 

Geosynthetic clay liners, also known as GTD, have been around for about 25 years and are recognized as a state-of-the-art waterproofing system in many applications. 

Our product portfolio of GSE® plastic and BENTOLINER clay liners as well as FABRINET drainage products makes us attractive to customers as a full-range supplier. As a standard for BENTOLINER, LAGA is living proof of the quality we offer our customers.

Rainer Wiedemann, Sales Manager DACH & BENELUX

Wide range of applications  

BENTOLINER clay liners are suitable for a wide variety of applications in landfill construction, municipal solid waste, liquid and industrial and hazardous waste. BENTOLINER clay liners are also the first choice for demanding applications in rivers, canals, ponds and dams.

Other applications include materials storage, stockpile storage and heap leach areas, as well as groundwater protection and structural waterproofing applications. 


BENTOLINER® LAGA is a fully needle-punched geosynthetic clay liner (GBR-C) consisting of a sealing layer of dry sodium bentonite in powder form encapsulated between a polypropylene (PP) backing fabric on the bottom and a polypropylene (PP) cover geotextile (nonwoven fabric) on the top.

Needling is performed on all layers from the cover geotextile side. Heat is used to secure the fibers of the cover nonwoven to the underside of the carrier geotextile to guarantee product bonding.

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Michael Uebigau, Head of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering