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Laboratory experiments conducted by Solmax show that road reconstruction with MIRAGRID® asphalt interlayers extends the potential service lifetime of asphalt surfaces by a factor of three to four.

Maintaining and preserving our road systems is both complex and expensive: Asphalt roads constructed using conventional methods may begin to show the first cracks of fatigue in the top layers after only a few years.  These are the results of aging as well as the repetitive impact of dynamic loads. 


In conventional road rehabilitation, top and base layers often have to be removed with heavy equipment before installing the new layer structure. In the worst case, even the unbound base layers are affected.


Timely renovations using innovative construction materials help to avoid such costly renewals: state of the art geocomposites provide a more efficient and economical solution than conventional construction methods. They extend the service life of roads and reduce cost throughout the entire life cycle. This was recently demonstrated by an extensive series of tests.

Timely and project-specific pavement rehabilitation with MIRAGRID is less costly. It extends the lifespan and is an ecological as well as an economical, trend-setting measure.

Gernot Mannsbart, Product & Application Manager Paving Solutions EMEA

Laboratory tests: Increased fatigue strength with MIRAGRID® PGM-G and MIRAGRID® PGL-G asphalt interlayer systems 

The results of the bending beam tests conducted on various asphalt layer systems speak for themselves: The innovative MIRAGRID asphalt interlayer system significantly improves the fatigue behavior of asphalt road pavements. The composites extend the service life and consequently the required renovation intervals of asphalt roads by a factor of three to four. 

Cost-efficient surface renovation with asphalt interlayer system 


To ensure cost-efficient and ecological road maintenance: In the ideal case, road repair with the MIRAGRID composite is performed as soon as the first rehabilitation indicators appear. Installing the innovative system below the surface course also notably simplifies road renovation: It is not necessary – as is often the case – to replace the entire layer package. The surface course usually suffices. 


Multifunctional asphalt inlays relieve stresses thereby delaying the propagation of cracks in asphalt overlays. At the same time, they produce a barrier against water and gas penetration and thus improve the long-term mechanical properties of asphalt. 

Scientific proof of efficiency and economic benefits 

Application-oriented laboratory tests are conducted and the results are published for products from Solmax to prove the scientific basis for the functionality of our solutions. MIRAGRID asphalt interlayer systems have shown themselves to be an ideal innovative, environmentally valuable and economical system both for new construction and maintenance of a sustainable and cost-efficient infrastructure. 

Massive reduction of CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption 

Using geosynthetics ensures the longer durability of constructions whilst at the same time conserving natural resources and reducing environmental impacts. The significantly lower transportation cost due to saving on countless truck trips means a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 80-85% as well as nitrogen oxides. In addition, using asphalt interlayers saves 70-75% of energy compared to conventional construction methods. 

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Gernot Mannsbart, Product & Application Manager Paving Solutions EMEA