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Road construction projects in West Africa and laboratory tests confirm: asphalt inlay systems made of geotextiles enable the permanently effective rehabilitation of roads and massively reduce the funds required for road renewals. 

The durability of roads influences rehabilitation cycles and has a direct impact on the costs of infrastructure construction. The longest possible service life of roads is therefore a key factor and an objective frequently targeted by the competent authorities in the public sector. 

“In view of the continuously increasing importance of sustainability, we see the significance of our solutions in infrastructure construction growing continuously: construction with Geoxtextiles is unrivaled both economically and ecologically.” 

Ricardo Sánchez Pérez, Export Manager West & Central Africa

Asphalt inlays prevent short-term road damage 

New damage to the road surface frequently occurs shortly after rehabilitation. Asphalt inlay systems made of geotextiles improve the longevity of roads by installing geocomposites directly under the top asphalt layer. 

Asphalt pavement specifications are based on the road dimensions and average traffic load: traffic routes with a high volume of heavy trucks experience exponentially higher material loading than roads frequented by lighter vehicles. 

Case Study: Road Rehabilitation in the South of Senegal 

In a road rehabilitation project in West Africa, Solmax provided a long-term effective solution for a road displaying new cracks only a few months after rehabilitation. A closer examination of the damaged section of road revealed that the damage originated in deeper layers and was reflected to the surface.  

The technical structure of the road was sustainably improved and strengthened with an asphalt inlay as a reinforcement solution. Two years after rehabilitation, no cracks were visible. 

Laboratory tests: Reinforcement effect proven 

The benefits of reinforcement were also put to the test in laboratory experiments: the effects of the three functions defined in standard 15381 – reinforcement, sealing and stress relief – were explored by testing different solutions. A clear difference was apparent when comparing the results of specimens with and without the reinforcement function. 

Massive savings and ecological benefits in the long term  

Installing geotextiles to multiply the service life of roads generates a high potential for savings in public budgets for infrastructure construction. At the same time, construction using geosynthetics reduces the ecological footprint as a result of a longer product life and minimized transport costs. 

The success of projects already in place has heightened awareness for the positive effects of these product solutions in the African economic area. As a result, these solutions are becoming established as the standard. At the same time, the improved general condition of the roads means that the vehicles have a longer service life.  

By cooperating closely with partners from the construction industry and local authorities, Solmax develops products suited to solve specific problems in accordance with the different infrastructure needs of individual countries. 

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Ricardo Sánchez Pérez, Export Manager West & Central Africa