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In an innovative recycling process, valuable edge trims and production rejects are recycled for the manufacturing of new products. 

Greater sustainability in the production of TenCate Polyfelt® nonwovens 

TenCate Geosynthetics has made sustainability a priority: The robust nonwovens of the TenCate Polyfelt® brand can now contain a recycled content of up to 10 percent. The rejects and trims from production generated at the site in Linz are gently processed in a recycling process to ensure that the quality of the recyclate corresponds to the high product quality of TenCate Geosynthetics products and can be fed back into nonwoven production. 

The premium-quality recyclates can now be directly returned to production, thanks to Pure Loop´s technology. This makes economic sense for us and is a significant move towards the circular economy our industry is striving for.

Jürgen Gruber, Director Marketing EMEA 

On point modern technology enables high-quality recyclate 

The waste material from TenCate Geosynthetics´ own production is already recycled at the company’s site in Linz and resold as a premium raw material. 

The sufficiently high recyclate quality now available thanks to this special technology allows this material to be channeled into the new production of high-quality mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwovens.

The recycling process is performed using a shredder-extruder-combination from Pure Loop, a subsidiary of Erema Group GmbH, based in Ansfelden/Linz (Austria): the nonwoven cuts and rejects are shredded and processed to recyclate to be made suitable for the new production of TenCate Polyfelt®. 

Production waste from the company’s subsidiary in France as well as from the site in the Netherlands is already being effectively regranulated in Linz for testing purposes. “We produce many other specialty synthetics besides the PP nonwoven mentioned. If the regranulate for these attains the same high quality, we are open to recycling other materials as well”, Jürgen Gruber comments. 

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Jürgen Gruber, Director Marketing EMEA