Geotextiles can be used to safely and efficiently stabilize surfaces and paths made of aggregates such as gravel and crushed stone: thanks to its high-performance three-dimensional structure, TenCate Bidim® Accorder from TenCate Geosynthetics gives you highly robust yet water-permeable soils. 

Water damage soars with greater soil sealing 

The increase in soil sealing in urban habitats leads to a higher risk of flooding and collateral damage to the infrastructure from water overflow, puddling and rutting. These effects can be avoided using highly effective geotextiles for soil stabilization. 

Soil sealing is on the rise due to urbanization and road construction. Permeable and stabilized aggregate mixes in private and public areas are eliminating the need for evacuation systems.

Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA

A three-dimensional structure for the safe stabilization of all ground types 

With TenCate Bidim® Accorder soil stabilization with aggregates such as gravel, crushed stone or sand becomes durable and uncomplicated. 

A highly-effective drainage layer for paths and driveways is formed with the unique three-dimensional structure without seams. The product prevents water retention and puddles and allows water to permeate into the soil, balancing the water table. It eliminates the need for rainwater collection and evacuation systems such as gutters or grates, and saves on their construction costs.

TenCate Bidim® Accorder is the only product on the market to offer an ideal combination: the continuous fabric between the cell walls and the cell bottom ensures maximum stability as well as a drainage effect. At the same time, the structure, which is flexible in terms of shape and size, can be put to optimal use on uneven soils with slopes of up to 15% and enables easy installation as well as uncomplicated transport.


TenCate Bidim® Accorder: Lightweight, flexible and easy to use 

The fabric cells, which are closed off at the bottom, proffer a number of advantages: The fill material, gravel or crushed stone, remains effectively enclosed and completely preserved. The structure is stabilized and the risk of lifting the honeycomb structure during or after installation is eliminated. The fabric withstands loads from wheels, vandalism or children playing. 

TenCate Bidim Accorder® can be installed without the need for special tools and can be walked on or driven on by vehicles immediately, both during installation and immediately after completion. The product is versatile and suitable for paths and driveways, patios and parking lots, garage entrances, parks and gardens, golf courses, cemeteries and roads with little traffic.


A durable solution for the modern design of outdoor areas 

The appeal of gravel and crushed stone to design harmonious and visually appealing exteriors means these products are in demand. Now you can add an additional dimension to quality through professional stabilization.


With a service life of more than 50 years, TenCate Bidim® Accorder delivers a long-lasting solution for stable surfaces and permanently prevents filling material from mixing with the soil. In addition, the product provides reliable weed control and allows flexible designs in the shape you desire- such as curved paths instead of straight ones. 

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Corinne Verges, Product Manager Non-Wovens EMEA